Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year, New You...Right? Write!

Happy 2015! I am writing this (on a legal pad while lying in bed) about 30 minutes after watching the ball drop.* I rang in the new year wrapped up on the couch with my sick hubby. That is what you do when you have a six year-old, four year-old, and two month-old--but my hair and makeup looked fabulous! It's the little things in 2015. Aha! Just got my yearly mantra nailed down. Now, I am going to snuggle in with my Pinterest account (, specifically my "2014:Ambitions" board. I believe I will just update the title and keep rocking on with that list. I have taken my first step on the path to my resolution to blog more. New years are all about change and new beginnings, and I have BIG plans and hope to share some as I go, but first--beauty sleep.

*I typed the above from my desk at work. Does this count as a second blog post even if it is technically disguised in the first post? I found this pretty little ditty below at I think it's pretty appropriate!