Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Birthday Poem

Today is my great-grandmother's birthday. Mary Kirby Corbin would be 84 today. She is missed every single day.

The following is a poem I wrote about her while taking a creative writing course at Georgia Southern.

My Granny’s Right Hand
September 24, 2009

Her hand was covered in thousands of tiny wrinkles
With skin as soft as a child’s despite years of work

That hand could perform miracles in my eyes

It helped make hundreds of biscuits
Always baited my hook
And planted flowers for over fifty years

Throughout its life the hand alternated
Darning needles, cigarettes, scrabble pieces

That hand was rarely motionless

Tanned by years of sunlight
It smoothed hair and patted backs
Held babies, kittens, and dishes

Her hand has been still for nearly two years
But the warmth of its touch remains 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy 2013!!

Well, 2012 was not my year for blogging! Maybe this year will be more productive. My new Nook is inspiring me to make lots of changes, writing challenges included. I know my talents, but my skills need to be honed, and it is time for me to be honest to my craft. I am just adding that to the list, along with other items, such as complete DIY projects, cultivate home office, complete Whole30 challenge --oh, yeah, start MLIS graduate program. EEK! And I cannot forget to be the best wife and mother possible! No pressure, right?

Speaking of the Whole30, I took step one and purchased the book, It Starts with Food. One of my dearest, most motivational friends, Christan Kennedy, shared this with me. She is currently working through the challenge and blogging about her experiences at I am so proud of her diligence and her writing skills! I have such an awesome cast of characters in my life, and she is a leading lady. If anyone else is up for the challenge, I sure could use some company in February. I am trying to convince my husband, but well. Yeah. Maybe I can develop a rewards system for him before February...

Our house is still a work in progress. We will not discuss the field of mud that currently serves as our yard. Maybe by April... I am terrified of putting holes in our walls. Command hooks have been a blessing. I do hope to post some upcoming projects, which was my original thought for this space. I would also like to incorporate some book reviews and guest posts. Again, any volunteers? Book requests/recommendations? We will see how it goes. For now, happy hump day!