Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Windows and Doors and Molding... Oh My!

My quest for salvaged home items has begun! I am looking for antique entry doors, preferably Craftsman style, screen doors, and molding. We have salvaged a few items from Kelly's grandmother's store, which we are in the process of demolishing. Among those items are three doors, one of which will definitely be used as our laundry room door. I would also like to use one for the half bath downstairs. I am really excited about adding these "vintage" touches to our new house. I also think it will be a special element for Kelly, having pieces of the store that was a big part of his family's life for so many years incorporated into our home.

I am a sucker for old houses and buildings--anything with history is preferable to "new and shiny" in my opinion. Hence, Kelly has battled my aversion to a new house from the outset. I will say he is being pretty open-minded about the possibility of adding "old stuff" in with our look.

We are also keeping our eyes peeled for scrapped wood to use as hardwood flooring in the future. We will be able to save some wood from the store, but probably not enough to use for flooring. I have several wedding projects in mind, which could later be used in our house for decor. I sure am glad I am marrying a handyman!

We are also planning to use the front steps of "Ruby's" as our back steps. They are simply stacked granite slabs. We plan to use other granite slabs salvaged from the foundation to make a patio. We are open to any other thoughts, so if y'all have good renovation ideas, please share!!

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