Friday, July 13, 2012

Long Overdue Update!

So this post will be short and sweet, then I'll hopefully have time to blog about my first bridal shower, complete with beautiful pictures! Then comes the house blog, and next week--wedding invitations made by hand. I contemplated ranting a bit about the never-ending cycle that is our life dealing with "the other parent," but I choose to hold off on that for now. Way more exciting things are happening!

My family's new venture, Hootie's Corn Maze, will be open for business in September, just after the wedding. We are all so excited about that. If you are near Jenkins County (Millen, GA), check it out.

Also, my uncle, Stone Williamson, recently had two major life events occur: a wedding and a baby all in two weeks! I am so happy for him, Sandra, Michelle, and baby Scarlett. She is just a doll! I will have to upload pictures.

We have had two weeks with Adriana this summer. We are still struggling with potty training (wipe! wipe! wipe! & wash your hands!), but you cannot parent from an island, which is how it feels for us. Children must have consistency and stability. But, hedging on a rant, I will stop there. We were glad to have her for the extra time allotted, and Maebrynn misses her very much. Now, on to the pretty stuff....

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